ICT Laboratory for Don Bosco Technical High School 8th Street-Monrovia-Liberia

With current international development every young person must understand computers and how things work in the digital space.
Don bosco has an ICT laboratory created in every school or TVET center.

We are calling on you to give computer, projector to help support our training in Don Bosco Technical High School, 8th Street-Monrovia.

Every young person must touch and understand the computer and how it works. Donate now

Building of the Home Economics Laboratory – St. Augustine Agricultural Junior Secondary School

Home Economics is a course which has increased our intake of girls into our school in Seirra Leone due to their love for practical skills.

Empowering girls and women for sustainable development means we build this Home Economics laboratory to enhance their learning experience.

An estimated amount of $11,392.00 will fulfill this dream for these young girls education.

Donate now in support.

3 Storey Classroom Block, ST. John Bosco, Onitsha – Nigeria

In our quest to give the best to the young we have built and developed the land given us in Onitsha to a good place to train them.

Our drive to serve more young people is bringing us to this project of building an additional 3 storey classroom block.

The budget of € 512,894.00 is proposed to see this dream fulfilled for us.

Come support us with resources towards this great project.

Donate now

Capacity Building for Salesians

Salesians are the animators of St John Bosco in Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa.They live all their lives for the young and building their capacity results in empowering the millions of young people they meet in their life time of service. Our work with the young is to make a total person. This require highly trained and competent Salesians to coordinate and be actively involved.

The Salesians are people who have taken the vow of poverty, celibacy and a total commitment to the young. Their education is intensive 4 to 7 years of learning to be to give to the young.

Donate today to support the specialization of a Salesian today.

They become parents, teachers, counselor, leaders and many more to people in very deprived areas.

Donate now to educate the best to support our work in Anglophone West Africa.