Don Bosco Feast

Don Bosco Feast

As we celebrate today, the Holy feast of the founder of our Salesian Family, Saint John Bosco “The Father and Teacher of Youth” . We should be remembered not put off till tomorrow the good you can do today. You may not have a tomorrow. Stay Blessed and be a good christian. Happy Feast…

Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible. St Thomas Aquinas “The Angelic Doctor” (1225 – 7 March 1274) … Happy Feast day!



Italy – Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa at Advocacy Meeting of Salesian Organisations

Italy – Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa at Advocacy Meeting of Salesian Organisations

On 11 and 12 February, Benson Osei-Savio Boateng, for the “DBYNWA” (Don Bosco Youth Net West Africa), represented the Anglophone West Africa Province this year at the Advocacy Meeting for Salesian Organisations.

The two day meeting which was coordinated by Don Bosco Network with the support of Don Bosco International and Don Bosco – United Nations, the annual gathering of organizations dealing with advocacy and campaign with a Salesian approach has taken place for the sixth time.

The meeting was presided by Fr Guillermo Basañes, Missions Councillor, and Fr Fabio Attard, Councillor for Youth Ministry.

This edition dealt with several fixed points: sharing 2018’s advocacy initiatives, working in common topics, such as Migrations, human-trafficking and Sustainable Development Goals.

Benson Osei-Savio Boateng shared our activities in fighting irregular migration and human trafficking. 

He continued to share how our educational projects like the Technical/Vocational Education Training is contributing to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

The last novelty was the visit on the morning of the 12th to the Vatican Dicastery of Human Integral Development, in order to get to know their work and see possible synergies with the different socio-political initiatives they are carrying out.

Graduation Ceremony for Solar Basic Systems Trainers.

Graduation Ceremony for Solar Basic Systems Trainers.

The 26 teachers who were drawn from all the Anglophone West Africa Province Technical schools have graduated from two weeks intensive program on Renewable energy (basic solar system) training, organized by the Province in partnership with a German NGO and others.

Among the participants are Sr. Justina FMA and our PT John Wiwoloku. In special way we congratulate our dear John Wiwooloku who was also received the 3rd best student of the group.

In his closing remarks, our Provincial Fr Michael Karikunnel urged them to make good of the knowledge they have acquired to help in their various communities and to light up Africa.

Earlier on in his remarks, their main Instructor Br Christof Baum expressed satisfaction for the high level of participation by the students, according to him all the students passed their exams and so  they were all qualified to be given certificates.

In his opening remark, the Principal of the school Fr Mark Anthony Okpala, advised the students to put into good use the knowledge they have gained, according to him Jesus Christ evangelized the world with only 12 apostles, and so the 26 of them are enough to light 💡 up Africa. 

God bless you for supporting our projects.

Don Pace reporting.

Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa is Winning the Fight Against Hunger

Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa is Winning the Fight Against Hunger

The second sustainable development goal seeks to end hunger,achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.

Don Bosco is using innovative means to end hunger in Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone through Technical/Vocational Education and Trainings (TVET), Sustainable Agriculture training, Moringa Agroforestry Project and feeding programs.

Technical /Vocational Education and Trainings

Most of our campuses are found in rural areas where farming is the greatest form of livelihood. Every Salesian is a farmer because sustainable farming practices training is given as part of our formation.

Most of our communities have farms which promote sustainable farming activities.

We have won most international and national awards for our contributions to grooming competent agriculturist who work as agricultural entrepreneurs and also as  extension officers on farms.

Another great way we are ending hunger is by empowering the young through education.

Educated people get gainful employment to provide for themselves and the community.

Sustainable Agricultural Training

In improving food security there are number of projects like the Greenhouse farming initiatives and open field cultivation training.

The training is done hand in hand with all relevant stakeholders to ensure that strong agribusiness models are created.

Participants go through training in organic crop production, agribusiness management, business planning and marketing

Moringa Agroforestry Project

Don Bosco has a community in Bo Tinkoko a village in Sierra Leone with the biggest Moringa Agroforestry project.

The land which is aimed at improving the livelihoods of the local community mainly farmers.

In house training of future agriculturist on this land when developed will promote sustainable agriculture whilst fighting climate change.

Feeding Program

Our work with deprived young people means that we have to provide for the nutritional needs of most of them.

An empty stomach can not think and learn. So different food distribution aids are given to families with young malnourished children.

Children in our protection centres are fed three meals daily. Your support helps us to achieve this.

During ebola in Liberia and Sierra Leone orphaned children were taken in for protection and we still support them.

A meal for a child is about $2.5.

God bless for giving to ensure that a child eats.