(AFW-Nigeria) – Green Club Implementation Matrix – Global program.

Onitsha Centre being a pilot Centre of Excellence will establish green club facilitated by the Centre Manager, Engr Fr Samuel Agudosi and an appointed Green Club facilitator at the Centre level.

A brainstorming session at country level on Green TVET initiative was undertaken by the PDO Coordinator of the antenna of Lagos – Rev Fr Maximus Okoro (Sdb) , Mr Cletus E. Linus and the Training Director of John Bosco Institute of Technology (JOBITECH) Onitsha – Engr Fr Samuel Agudosi (Sdb).


The Green Club will engage in awareness campaigns on green practices ad Intra and ad extra, lead the Centre in planning and celebrating world ecological celebrations, Green Don Bosco week, elaborate guide and manual for green practices that will be validated by Don Bosco Tech Africa.

The earth is our common home and we are all called to take care of it. This is in line with the Laudato Sii of Pope Francis.
Max Okoro

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