(AFW – Nigeria) – Workshop for staff and Students, JOBITECH, Ondo

(Ondo- Nigeria) – Our training for young people is geared towards their getting skills for employment.

Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa organized a workshop for students and staff of Jobitech, Ondo.

It was facilitated by the PDO office in conjunction with Job Service Office (JSO) and some SME’s in Nigeria.

The training workshop was on time management, communication skills, and health and safety.

Health and Safety at the workplace was one seminar which the students really enjoyed.

The value of Communications in this competitive world is a must for every student. Our students at Jobitech were given some Intrapersonal, Interpersonal and Communication Skills were taught through group activities and talks to beef up their future career projections.

A participant learnt the importance of self-confidence in communication.

Positive thoughts, high self-esteem, discipline, proper analysis, better communication is what another participant got from the workshop.

It was obvious to all that changing their words will change their lives.

The closing remarks were given by Fr John Paul Uchendu.

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