The Land Is Green: A Don Bosco Campaign for Healthy Environment in Nigeria

As traditional to the Salesians of Don Bosco AFW Nigeria to organise Holiday Camps for children and young people during the long vacation annually, the organisation initiated the “Go Green” campaign this year using Lagos as a pilot case. The Holiday Camp, which lasted from the 5th of August to 30th of August 2019, had in attendance over 200 children, youths, animators and other handlers.


The campaign, which was tagged “Go Green, Stay Healthier” enlightened the young people on the importance of keeping a clean environment and our world safe by saying NO to indiscriminate burning of items, littering the environment with plastics, papers and wastes, pollution and other unhealthy environmental activities that may jeopardise the ecosystem. One essential take-home is the need to plant trees, flowers and grasses to secure the environment from degradation as well as beautify our habitat.

Henceforth, the “Go Green” campaign will be taken through the 9 centres of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Nigeria especially during the Holiday Camps season to create greater awareness and enlightenment among the young people. Beyond the Salesian communities, the campaign will also be taken round schools, churches, streets, markets, communities and town halls to drive home the consciousness for a saner, safer and healthier environment.


We say YES to a safe environment


Go Green, Stay Healthier  

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