(AFW- Ghana) -An Excursion to Jekora Ventures Limited for Children at Don Bosco Holiday Camp.

(Ashiaman – Ghana)- Jekora Ventures is a recycling company in Ghana that is changing waste to fertilizer and many more.
They were impressed with the theme of the Holiday Camp which was centered on Recycling Waste In Ghana so they offered to train the children at their facility in Accra.
The industrial excursion to Jekora Ventures for the children was something which they spoke about for a long time.
They learnt how to reduce waste as well as how to recycle waste. After the event Don Bosco appreciated the organisation with a plaque.
The organisation was happy because the children at our holiday camp came from different backgrounds and schools and they could champion waste segregation training in their communities
Public Relations Officer of Jekora Ventures Limited, Miss Martha Annan said “Jekora Ventures have a model where we want to reach out to schools on segregation to our recycling site to teach them what exactly we do with the segregation materials. Our doors are always open to schools and other institutions that want to learn about waste management, here in Jekora we are the best when it comes to waste management and recycling”.

(AFW – Ghana) -The Climax of Schneider Electric Training and Installation of Equipment.

(Ashiaman- Ghana) – The past few days have been exciting for the Electrical and and Electronics Trainers at Don Bosco Technical Institute in Sunyani and Ashiaman as they got equipped with tools which will make the training easier and their students more competitive.
Learning a Technical skill abstract is one problem most student have to battle with in some Technical Schools in Ghana.
With the support of Don Bosco and Schneider Electric the students who will be training at our schools will have an experience what is just like what they will experience in the work environment.
The Provincial, Fr Micheal Karikunnel, The Vice Provincial, Fr Chukwudi Akubueze, The Principal of DBTI Ashiaman Fr Charles Ike and a TVET expert Fr Joseph Aikarachalil Mathai were some of the dignitaries present at the event.
The staff of the Provincial Development Organism and that of Don Bosco Technical Institute Ashiaman were all present.
All who got the training received a certificate for the Schneider Electric signed by Mr Isaac Adeleke, training  coordinator at Schneider Electric.
The trained trainers promised to champion the excellence in training of future Electricians and Electronic Technicians in Ghana.
The training Facilitator Mr Suen Otusanya encouraged the trainers to implement and innovate with the equipment received in their training of young people.
Life is On as Don Bosco Institutes in Ghana partners with Schneider Electric.

(AFW – Ghana) – Training in Bio-Entomology Led by Prof Daniel OBENG-Ofori.

AFW – Ghana) – Training in Bio-Entomology led by Prof Daniel OBENG-Ofori.
(Odumase- Ghana)- From 28th August to 2nd September, Don Bosco Youth Network, VIS and European Union have partnered to to train youth in environment, innovation and organic farming.
Prof. Daniel Obeng-Ofori the lead facilitator is the only African on the world Entomological Council and  the vice-chancellor of Catholic University College, Fiapre.
The participants are from the partners:
1.Don Bosco Technical Institute Sunyani
2. Nkoranza North District
3. Berekum East Municipal
4. Sunyani West District
5. Dormaa East District
6. Dormaa Central Municipal
7. Sunyani Catholic Diocese
8. Techiman Catholic Diocese
The bio entomology training is to equip trainers who meet with the young beneficiaries of this project to impact best practices to them.
We say a big thank you to all major stakeholders in these projects.


The unfortunate reality is that the modern campaign of militant secular indoctrination has been so severe that fewer remain who believe or trust in God’s supernatural power. In spiritual terms, this makes us puny and scrawny rather than strong and powerful mighty warriors ready to confront the powers of darkness in the heavenly realm. With so many modernized Christians ignoring the reality of grace, it is no wonder that evil is thriving in our day.
In speaking of the need for a New Evangelization, Pope Benedict XVI said, “the true problem of our times is the ‘Crisis of God,’ the absence of God, disguised by an empty religiosity” … a kind of lukewarmness, going through the motions of one’s faith, which ends up collapsing completely. The terrible consequence of this war on the supernatural is seen in the epidemic of spiritual sloth in our times — hearts deadened to the Divine Life of God.
Bishop Robert Barron draws attention to this very real epidemic in our times: “A real concrete statistic around this is that 70 percent of the baptized faithful are staying away from Mass on a regular basis. And we’re doing well in comparison with the European countries. Vatican II said the Mass is the source and summit of the Christian life … everything leads to and flows from the Mass. The Eucharist is everything, and 70 percent could care less about it. Yes, there are many reasons around why some do not go to Mass, but I suspect that, for most, they are suffering from spiritual sloth; they could just care less.”
Aristotle said, “No one can long remain in sadness without any joy.” Depriving oneself of spiritual joy through neglect and sloth leaves one desperate to fill that void with inferior pleasures. Hence, it is no wonder why we see so many people frantically attempting to fill their lives with every kind of activity and distraction possible, desperately trying to avoid the gloom of emptiness. St. Augustine said, “You have made us for yourself, Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in you.”
How is the state of your heart?
Happy feast Day of our great Saint Augustine.
Author : Fr Okolie John B. Nicholas, sdb

(Don Bosco AFW -Ghana) -Schneider Electric Training of Trainers and Installation of Equipment.

(Ashiaman- Ghana) – Mr George Tetteh-Coffie began the opening ceremony with a brief Introduction of the Trainer Mr Seun Otusanya and the staff and trainers of DBTI Ashaiman and DBTI Sunyani. Fr Anthony NZELI began with the opening prayer.   Fr Micheal Karrikunnel gave the welcome address and said ” Schneider Electrical has been working with Don Bosco all over the world. Our Centres in Nigeria was equipped 4 years ago and now our two Centres in Ashiaman and Sunyani, Ghana is to benefit from it. We appreciate Schneider Electric Foundation (Nigeria & France) for the great commitment for young people for equipping them and training them and creating standard Electrical & Installation Laboratory for their training. It is a great responsibility they have taken and Don Bosco West Anglophone Africa is happy to collaborate with them in this task.” The training has began and more updates will be shared as we progress

(AFW – Nigeria) – LENS Holiday Camp at Kubwa, Abuja.

(Abuja – Nigeria) – This years holiday camp at Abuja was held at Kubwa. The children enjoyed the creative, play, learning environment a child said “I wish today is not the last day” at the closing ceremony on Friday 23rd August 2019. We say a big thank-you to all animators for giving their best at this years holiday camp. We look forward to a bigger and better event next year.

(AFW-Ghana) – Graduation Ceremony for Second Batch of Solar Trainers.

(Ashiaman- Ghana) – Don Bosco Solar training centre in Ashaiman is established to give world class training in Solar Installation to empower young people to champion the green energy revolution and also to help deliver sustainable power for Africa.
The second graduation ceremony for trainers from Ghana, Liberia and Nigeria was held on 9th of August 2019 after they have gone through a two weeks intensive training.
The 21 trainers passed their training and were certified as trainers after the solar training workshop.
Fr . Krystof Nizniak the Provincial Economer  in his speech encouraged the trainers to go and shine for the world to see the great training they have received in Don Bosco.
Oche Peter Adah, Simon Yeboah Ofori and Egbolodje Blessing Onosakponome were the best students and were presented with special solar equipments for coming out best.
Fr Anthony Nzeli in his closing speech told the trainers that they were empowered for greater works so they should move to influence change and champion the green energy revolution in Ghana.
Electric Project.

(AFW-Ghana) – Don Bosco TVET Centres in Ghana Goes in Partnership with Schneider Electric Foundation, France

(Ashiaman- Ghana) – Schneider Electric Foundation begins Training of Trainers (ToT) and Installation of Equipment in both TVET Centres beginning Friday 26th August to 31st August 2019.
Schneider Electric Foundation, France is an organisation with competence in Energy Management and Solutions, providing Access to Energy Training Programmes, Educational Support by providing tools and Equipment for the training of young people to expand access to energy solutions. 
Schneider Electric Foundation, France in the last couple of years have also partner Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa to retool some Don Bosco TVET Centres in Nigeria and in other countries to enable local communities to acquire skills in energy management and solutions.
We look forward for a great collaboration between Don Bosco Technical Institute in Sunyani and Ashiaman as Schneider Electric Foundation come with their training equipment to retool our Electrical Installation Department and train trainers who will facilitate these programmes for young people in Ghana.