(AFW-Nigeria) – Creating a Lesson Plan With Pedagogical Strategies.

Iju, Lagos – The third and final day of the CBA training was anchored by both facilitators. The activities were more practical in nature.

The participants after watching a video on Learning any skill in 20 hours, focused on four important steps to learn skill faster which include: Deconstruction of the skill, assiduous and rigorous learning to self-construct, elimination of barriers to learning, especially those that are emotional in nature and the undisputable necessity to practice constantly.

Group activities: participants were required to complete a lesson plan for a subject competence with lesson durations, content, pedagogical strategies and evaluation methods.

The participants during the afternoon session continued with the group activities. They were asked to conduct post-training assessment, feedback and evaluation.

The training was declared closed by Fr Maximus who thanked the facilitators for dedicating time for the training, the participants for their willingness to learn, the training directors for sending their teachers.

Finally, we are grateful to the PDO team for organizing the training, VIS for the support and CEI for sponsoring the program.

The participants are invited to share what they have learnt with their fellow instructors. It would appreciated if such avenue is created in the Centre for the sharing of experience and knowledge. We trust in your desire to make our Centres more relevant today.

Thanks and see you for the TOT/SCID (Systematic Curriculum Instructional design) training – 29 July to 2 August, 2019.

Thank you for supporting our work with young people

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