(AFW-Nigeria)-Identifying Elements Used in our Pedagogical Activities

Iju,Lagos, Nigeria- Learning is largely influenced by the pedagogical approaches one adopts.

It is therefore fundamental that we reflect and identify elements used in our pedagogical activities, if we truly desire to be more efficient in the transmission of Knowledge, skills and Attitudes.

Sequel to this, the first part of the second day of our CBA training, facilitated by Mr. Dimobika Chiduluo, took into consideration the various Pedagogical Methods highlighting the importance of a clear Exposition and proper Demonstration by the teacher, giving room for Interrogation and Dialogue through a process of Discovery, enhancing Personal and Group Experience in the process of learning.

Activity: The participants had to create a scenario demonstrating at least three pedagogical methods.

The second part of the morning session focused on the necessity of developing competence in terms of Management of Persons and Situations, Need Assessment in order to bridge the mismatch between desired performance and current performance and Workshop Management.

The afternoon session centered on Competency and Learning Assessment was anchored by Mr Kelvin Enumah.

In his presentation, he highlighted the fact that Assessment is the systematic process of documenting and using empirical data on Knowledge, skill and attitude to refine programs and improve students learning.

The different forms of Assessments and the role of an assessor were examined too.
The participants during the sharing expressed strongly the need for the management of the various TVET Centres to buy-in for sustainable change and the desire to visit other TVET centres to broaden their horizon and learn best practices.

Thank you for supporting our work with young people.

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