AFW-Ghana – Don Bosco Youth Network participates in Enterprise Development Initiative Workshop by INNOSPACE.

(Tema- Ghana) -29/05/ 2019-As part of promoting enterprise development among young people in Tema and its environs, INNOSPACE brought together stakeholders to deliberate on opportunities and setbacks relative to entrepreneurship in Ghana. 

The 4 hour programme took place in the conference hall of INNOSPACE, Tema.

Don Dosco, an institution with the young at heart was there.

Don Bosco past students with entrepreneurial skills and ideas will be incubated and exposed to experts for a period of time.

Later financial donors can tap into their proposals and help them develop and scale their businesses.

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Pope to parents, coaches: ‘Be partners in the smiles of your athletes’

Pope Francis on Friday held an audience for more than five thousand young football players, along with professional football stars, coaches, educators, and experts, including the heads of several Italian sports institutions.

The group was taking part in a special encounter organized for the young people, entitled “The football that we love,” which focused on the idea of football as fun, educational, and inclusive.

Those were themes picked up by Pope Francis in his address. The Holy Father quoted a saying of St John Bosco, who said that the easiest way to draw young people was to “throw a ball in the air.”

“Behind a rolling ball,” the Pope said, “there is almost always a child with their dreams and aspirations.”Pope Francis said, “the great thing about playing with a ball is that you can do it together with others.” “Football is a team sport,” he said. “You can’t have fun alone.”In off-the-cuff comments, he confided that for him football is the best is “the best game in the world” and he urged them to keep it so.While lamenting the excessive competitiveness that sometimes mars youth sports, the Pope encouraged parents and coaches to remember – and to teach their children – that football “is a game, and must remain so!”

Sport is an activity for one’s free time, chosen precisely because it is fun. It offers children a chance to chase a dream, even if they don’t end up becoming champions.

Pope Francis emphasised the important role of coaches and mentors, who are role models for their athletes, whose example will leave an “indelible mark” in their lives, for good or ill.“Someone once said that he walked on tiptoe on the field so as not to trample on the sacred dreams of children,” the Pope said.

He asked parents and coaches “not to turn the dreams of your children into easy illusions destined to clash early on with the limits of reality; not to oppress their lives with forms of blackmail that limit their freedom and imagination; not to teach shortcuts that only lead to getting lost in the labyrinth of life.” Rather, he said, “may you always be partners in the smiles of your athletes.”

(AFW-Ghana)- Awareness Campaign on Irregular Migration At Berekum Junior High School.

(Berekum- Ghana) – 24/05/2019 – Most young people after Junior High School may enter Senior High School or my find other means of making money due to financial challenges at home.

In this campaign we made them to know of what opportunities are available to them in Ghana after school.

We equally told the of the dangers of irregular migration and how they could avoid them.

The children asked intelligent questions which were answered to clear all doubts.

Thank you to our VIS volunteer Clara Anungua and Pastor Alex for supporting us.
Thank you for supporting our work with young people.

(AFW- Sunyani)- Radio Shalom hosted Stop Tratta project on Irregular Migration

Berekum-Ghana) – 24/05/2019 – In our quest to empower and protect young people in Anglophone West Africa we visited a Radio Shalom in Berekum in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.

The Team from VIS discussed irregular  migration with the host and what VIS is doing to help stop the menace by giving them employable skills.

From the calls we saw that most of the young people will like to know more from us and our partners before using of Irregular means of travelling outside Ghana.

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(AFW- Sierra Leone)-Moringa Farming for Climate action and Nutrition.

(Bo- Sierra Leone) – Don Bosco Community in Bo have always been working on several projects to improve their environment through organic agriculture.

They have integrating Moringa farming as part of that plan.

Moringa as a nutritional supplement have been known also to have medicinal qualities and almost every part of the plant is useful.

As part of our campaign for World Environment Day 2019 Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa, Don Bosco Network and Don Boco Green Alliance is calling on all to plant a tree for future generation and stop air pollution which can suffocate the future of young people.

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(AFW- Ghana) -Training of nucleus of Trainers In Competence Based Approach.

(Sunyani – Ghana), 13-24/05/2019- VIS in partnership with Don Bosco Technical Institute Sunyani organised a training workshop for developing operational standards.

The participants who benefited from this workshop were certified to be trainers also.

The fight against irregular migration requires those who are at risk to be given employable and entrepreneurial skills.

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(AFW- Ghana ) – (Ashaiman-Ghana) Mega Football Tournament in Honour of Mary Help of Christians.

(Ashiaman -Ghana) -25/05/2019, There was a Mega football match bringing together about 10 teams to compete in honour of Mary Help of Christians.

Father Anthony Nzeli did the first kickoff for tournament to begin.

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(AFW- GHANA) – Fourth Solar light Goes Up to Brighten the Don Bosco School Campus in the Night

(Ashiaman – Ghana) – 25/05/2019 – As part of Efforts for Don Bosco to move from the National Grid to the solar powered campus community four solar powered street lights have been mounted to brighten the school campus.

Brother Christof Baum our expert in Solar Installation is doing this project with most of the young people he is training.

The enthusiasm with which they knowing that they are creating a more greener campus with Renewable Energy is felt by all.

We hope to gradually use Solar energy to power our schools, living areas and hostels.
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(AFW-Nigeria) – Children’s Day to Celebrate Mary help of Christians

(Koko – Nigeria)- 26/05/2019 -It was a beautiful celebration of our children at St Francis of Assisi Salesian Parish Koko.

The children celebrated our Mother Mary with music and dance.

They also had sporting activities.

(AFW-Nigeria) – Children’s Day Celebration at Don Bosco Youth Centre Onitsha

(Onitsha- Nigeria)-27/ 05/ 2019 – Many children love children’s day at Onitsha because different schools come together to have a warm gathering.

Don Bosco in Onitsha hosted 5 primary schools and 2 secondary schools the youth and animation centre.

Two teachers from each school came with the students.
There was a marching competition between the schools. 

The Youth Director/Chaplain of the Youth Centre, Fr. Donatus Ndozianyichukwu Ikeanyibe presented the awards to the wining schools;

Primary Schools Category
1st Destiny Builder’s Academy Nursery & Primary School, Onitsha.
2nd Spring up Citadel Primary & Secondary School, Onitsha.
3rd Gramin Academy Nursery & Primary School, Onitsha.

Secondary schools Category
1st Ambassador Great Talent Secondary School, Onitsha.
2nd Don Bosco Secondary School, Obosi, Onitsha.
3rd Holy Child Madonna Secondry School, Obosi, Onitsha.

Acme Intl Nursery/Primary School, Onitsha participated also in the event.

Other activities such as party games and cultural display made the event exciting, informing, inspiring, entertaining as well as empowering.

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