AFW – State of the Province by Rev. Fr. Michael Karikunnel, SDB

Lagos, Nigeria – After the short break, the provincial presented the state of the province ranging from its composition, structure, expansion, progress and challenges etc. 

In his remarks, he optimistically expressed that; the state of the province is in a better shape notwithstanding the few limitations. 

According to him, the greatest challenge of the young people with the countries, which constitute the province, is that of employment. 

He urged the confreres to strive to overcome the attitude of individualism, which is creeping in, and is more committed both personal  and communitarian in order to rejuvenate and become that Don Bosco we all professed to be for the young people.

 Finally, he said, the effect of the chapter is not basically on the deliberations but the process that follows after. 
Lunch follows at 1:00pm and Divine Mercy in Mary Help of Christian Chapel at 3:00pm at Mary Help of Christians Chapel and then, works in Commissions.
 The presentation on the Priority of the mission with the youth was not completed due to the insufficient time for the group to deliberate deeply on the topic. 
The groups demanded for recess and the remaining period of presentations was given for further group discussions, so that, the presentations will continue the next day. 

The remaining activities of on the timetable like evening prayer, Rosary and supper continued – being Ghana’s day, Fr. Robertson Sung Iribe SDB, the Rector of St. John Bosco community gave the goodnight talk. 

He synthetically gave the state of Salesian Mission in Ghana and drawing from Fr. Jorge’s homily in the morning, he also urged the confreres to first discover the personal love God has for them and they will be able to reciprocate the same love to the young people.

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