AFW – Report on the Pre-Chapter Work by the Moderator of the Chapter, Rev. Fr. Anthony Elotee SDB

Lagos, Nigeria – This section begun with an opening prayer by the Provincial. 
After the prayer, he emphasized that, the chapter is not to prepare document but rather to internalize the true identity of a Salesian in order to respond to the needs of the young people of this contemporary era. 

The breakdown of the chapter members was given: in all, there are 45 members for the chapter including one CDS member, a past Pupil, two cooperators and two students confreres from Ibadan. But out of the figure, only 37 have the power to vote. 

The Moderator gave the introductory speech which in-cooperates the letter of the convocation as well as the process of the working document and how the members of the chapter were elected. 

He then ushered in the chairmen for the various groups of the chapter for the presentation of the summary of the  focus of their topics. 

After their short presentations, the election of the scrutinizers commenced and after the whole process, Fr. Peter Morba and Fr. Eric Akinboboye were elected as the scrutinizers. 

Furthermore, Fr. Peter-Savio Anaa was also elected as the president of the Chapter. 
The whole section ended with the approval of the directives for Anglophone West Africa Province Chapter.

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