Sierra Leone – Girls Shelter visit the National Museum.

Freetown)- Every child deserves a visit to the museum where the history of their country and ancestors are kept. Making a child part of History is a great way to empower them.

The evening to the visit was exciting because some girls at the girls shelter who had been there before told stories to wet the appetite of those yet to experience this. The excitement made them to pack and put in the necessary preparations.

The girls got up early and were ready in few minutes, ate their breakfast and waited eagerly for the social workers to escort them to the museum.

Upon their arrival, they were welcomed by a worker in the museum who show them around the museum explaining the history of the great Sierra Leoneans who at one point in time stood up for the people of Sierra Leone.

Most wanted to touch the statues after the lecture but the staff of the museum said its not allowed. They however took pictures with the statues.

Upon their arrival at the shelter they were so happy chatting about what they saw at the museum. One of them said that she wished they could visit again sometime in the future.

She explained her own view of the visitation where she said “I saw the statue of Bai Bureh, he was the man that refused to pay taxation to the white people.”
We hope their visit will inspire them to study to lead like the heroes they saw at the museum.
Thank you for supporting our work with young people in Africa.

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