Welcome to Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa Province Farm Ijebu-Ode

20th March 2017 was another harvesting day at Ijebu Ode Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa Farms.

Ugwu a local vegetable leaf delicacy for Nigerians is ready for the market.

Last year Father John Bankole accepted with great enthusiasm and commitment to start a great adventure of managing an Agroforestry farm at Ijebu Ode.

Before the project water for irrigation was provided in the form of borehole, big tower and 4 big tanks for storing water.

West African farming is heavily dependent on rain but at this farm we tried implementing an irrigation system to ensure all year round farming.

The next project was to provide a shelter for farm workers to stay which is temporarily on hold due to lack of funds.

Animal farming is part of the plan for the farm and currently there are turkeys with some on eggs anticipating new turkeys.

Fish farming is our next plan and that is under construction.

There are other crops such as maize, yam etc.

The dream of this farm is to raise food for the people of Ijebu-Ode and beyond.

There is another vision of using this farm as training center for good Agroforestry practices, fish farming and animal farming practices.

We believe more young people will venture into agriculture to feed their communities when good farming practices make their enterprise profitable.

God bless you for supporting our work with the young.

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