Ashaiman – Ghana: Don Bosco Empowering Trafficked young women of Ghana

Don Bosco Child Protection Center Ashaiman – Ghana on February 15, 2019 started a new program, with the theme “Empower Women of Ghana”; targeting young women between the ages of 18 -23 years old.

With assistance from Missioni Don Bosco, the program is designed to assist young women who face many adversities and challenges during their journey to create better lives for themselves and are susceptible to human trafficking and migration.

They are from poverty driven backgrounds, and have been deprived of basic education, and have had little or no support in learning to become respectable young women in the society. By means of curbing this trend, in collaboration with responsible agencies, these young women were rescued from various vulnerable situations from all over Ghana for the program.

One of the first things done during this period is to empower them from within by helping them re-ignite that reason to live as well as offering them group and individual therapy, behavioral management, and addresses various topics such as personal hygiene, self-love, the importance of relationships, and etiquette in a professional setting.

After the inward empowerment comes the outward empowerment. Thus the program provides skills training in hair dressing, catering, beads making, and fashion design.

The mission of this project is to ensure these young women and many more who would come in the future, exit the program with the skills training needed to progress in the specific fields in which they desire to pursue self – employment.

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