Dominic Savio Centre says Thank you to Selasian Missions and DBYN

11th of January 2019, Ghana: Donation of food items, medical supplies, household cleaning materials etc were presented to Dominic Savio centre in Tema, Newtown.

This area is a fishing community were children of school going age are found playing or engaging in child labour. The Dominic Savio Centre was created to help these children.

The children who are mainly school dropouts are identified and brought to this centre in the day and after school.
They are taken through basic alphabetization to get them back to formal education.

Most of these children from very poor homes choose to dropout to make money for food. The centre takes this need away by providing the 90 children with food and a good place to play. They later go to their parents in the night.

Students that show interest in formal education are given scholarships.

Due to the patronage of the centre and the needs of the children we always welcome more donations in cash and in kind from individuals and organisations to meet their needs.

God bless you for your continued support to our organisation

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