Children in Fisher Communities Benefits from Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa

Tema Newtown as all fishing communities in Ghana has the highest rate of school dropouts due to the weak financial strength of their parents.

Don Bosco identified this and started the Dominic Savio Centre to ensure no child is left behind in human development. 

Most children found walking the sea shores or engaged in child labour are counselled and encouraged to go back to formal school.

The centre ensures these young people come and have an environment where they can play whilst getting basic alphabetisation to go back to school.

Children with no parental support are given educational scholarships and food.

An after school facility is given for all children in the neighbourhood to play in a safe environment.
The program has seen great success with most of the children going back to school and finishing the basic education certificate examinations.
The project see us feeding about 100 children every day and we ask for your donations.
Also about 70 children are on full scholarship and we ask for you to support at least one child.
God richly bless you for your continuous support for the young people.
Thank you.

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