Operation “Save The Girl Child From Trafficking” Launched In Ashaiman

The Child Protection Unit of Salesain of Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa Province has uncovered a new form of child trafficking in Ghana. Young people especially girls being sent abroad with promises of employment only to be domestic slaves.
We are embarking on a sensitization mission dubbed “Save the Girl Child from Trafficking”. Young Ghanaian girls are being trafficked to the Middle East and other areas to work as domestic slaves.

Most are looking for greener pastures and a good future but fall prey to abuse at their destination.

Our organisation has rescued children from some fishing communities popularly called “Akosombo” in Ghana in addition to those from other countries bringing the number to 297 children since its inception in the past four years.

Mr Francis Adzraku the director of the Child Protection unit said “Ghana has moved from the tier-2 watchlist to tier-2 indicating good performance in the fight against child trafficking he however admonished parents to ask their children where they are getting their visa monies from and find out what kind of work they are going to do if they travel”.

According to him, this will alert the children on the consequences of child trafficking. Mr Adzraku also lauded state security agencies for collaborating with Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa Province in their rescue mission.
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