Capacity Building for Salesians

Salesians are the animators of St John Bosco in Don Bosco Anglophone West Africa.They live all their lives for the young and building their capacity results in empowering the millions of young people they meet in their life time of service. Our work with the young is to make a total person. This require highly trained and competent Salesians to coordinate and be actively involved.

The Salesians are people who have taken the vow of poverty, celibacy and a total commitment to the young. Their education is intensive 4 to 7 years of learning to be to give to the young.

Donate today to support the specialization of a Salesian today.

They become parents, teachers, counselor, leaders and many more to people in very deprived areas.

Donate now to educate the best to support our work in Anglophone West Africa.

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